Conference: Web 2.0 and Beyond: Applying Social and Collaborative Tools to Business

Web 2.0 and Beyond: Applying Social and Collaborative Tools to Business Problems, 5-6 March 2008, London www.unicom.co.uk/socialtools

There is an 'Early Bird' price before 18 February, and further discount for students/academics/charities.


There is no doubt that we are now entering the "Web 2.0 generation", a time which especially values dynamic, interactive, open and collaborative. Web 2.0 is changing the way we are living and the way we do business. "The key issues for Web 2.0 users will be around authenticating who you are dealing with, as the technology is increasingly used for business purposes, including customer feedback" (Philip Virgo). However, a key challenge for them is how to integrate these new technologies within the enterprise and figure out which best
suit their needs, and will make inter- and intra- organisational communications easier and more effective. Meanwhile, although Web 2.0 becomes influential and powerful, a cross-industry survey shows that "33% said not knowing how to measure the impact of the technologies is the most serious challenge to implementing them across their company"
(Computer Weekly).

This conference presents new viewpoints and case studies explaining the value, application (and perhaps some downside) of social tools in a business context. It looks beyond the "why" of Enterprise 2.0 to explain the "how", giving all participants a true learning experience.

David Gurteen, Gurteen Knowledge; Lee Bryant, Headshift; John Davies, BT; Ian Hughes, IBM; Tom Ilube, Garlik Ltd; Adrian Moss, Focus.

Will Wynne, ArenaFlowwers.com; Clare Reddington, Ed Mitchell Consulting; Joyce Lewis, University of Southampton; Ian McNairn, IBM

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