This is Fakebook life!

"Sometimes, that connection, "talk to myself", has limited connectivity.
The other talk, the "talk to others" about himself, make too much interferences, noise. And then, the "talk to myself" became gradually a faketalk, a "talk about myself", a "talk to myself about others that I see as beautiful and cool things that I should have or be".

Too much speed, to much noise of faking faces and emotions, faking sex, faking work, faking fathers, faking everything.

First version of this faketalk - the conformist version: "I am smart, attractive, beautiful and never crazy. Special person, yes. But crazy, never".

Second version of faketalk: the crazy version. "Nowadays, being crazy is cool, YAAA! hold on, yes i am crazzzzy. Not real, you know, not real".

Third version of faketalk: the 'new age' talk. "I don´t have to talk to my self, i do everyday meditation. I have taking courses about that, ceremonials of sacred gods and I know everything about my self. I know my Karmas and i am working hard on this. U know, karmas is no easy.. u know, meditation is coooollll".
This is Fakebook Life!"

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